Wish Me Away (2011)

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Wish Me Away: Directed by Bobbie Birleffi, Beverly Kopf. With Chely Wright, Jennifer Archer, Howard Bragman, Tony Brown. After a lifetime of hiding, Chely Wright becomes the first commercial country music singer to come out as gay, shattering cultural stereotypes within Nashville, her conservative heartland family and, most importantly, within herself. With unprecedented access over a two-year period, including her private video diaries, the film layers Chely’s rise to fame while hiding in the late 90’s with the execution of her coming out plan, culminating in the exciting moment when she steps into the media glare to reveal she is gay. The film shows both the devastation of internalized homophobia and the transformational power of living an authentic life. The film also documents the conflicting responses from Nashville, the heartland and the LGBT community as Chely Wright prepares for an unknown future.

“This documentary was very personal and powerful. I support Chely so much and it is inspiring that she chose to come out. It is extremely difficult to come out in general but to be such a public figure and a country artist is remarkable. When she said she did it for the small town kids who feel alone, that hit me in the heart. Suicide is the leading cause of death among LGBT youth and it is great that Chely is giving them a role model and someone to look up to. Over all great film and congrats again to Chely for making the world a better place. You will probably cry even if you are not a LGBT member. Maybe because you can relate to parental conflict or being true to yourself when society wants you be someone youu0026#39;re not. Itu0026#39;s also very real to see the countdown to her coming out. Itu0026#39;s the raw Chely and itu0026#39;s powerful to see. Definitely worth the watch and I will watch it again.”


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