A Little Christmas Business (2013)

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A Little Christmas Business: Directed by Chuck Walker. With Daniel Baldwin, Tammy Barr, Leslie Easterbrook, Yankie Grant. Don has a wonderful life and family, but is caught up in the chaos of corporate America. While working Christmas Eve, it seems that everyone Don meets is a ghost from his past. Is this a coincidence or a heavenly, Christmas intervention?

“… By mediocre scores or disgruntled purists pining for a canon that was shattered before the original series even ended itu0026#39;s first run. Star Trek has always been escapist fun with an added layer of social awareness. It never became u0026quot;wokeu0026quot; – it was u0026quot;wokeu0026quot; back when we called u0026quot;wokeu0026quot; people hippies and it never changed (with the notably shameful exception of S01 of TNG).nItu0026#39;s enjoyable, Trek flavoured comedy with added in-jokes for nerds. The older (and nerdier) you are, the more of those in-jokes will hit home. As a 50 year old, lifelong Sci-fi fan I really enjoyed the 1st episode and look forward to more.”


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