Ji pai ying xiong (2011)

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Ji pai ying xiong: Directed by Tien-Lun Yeh. With Chang-Mien Chang, Cheng-Ping Chao, Bamboo Chu-Sheng Chen, Kuang-Yao Fan. At the bustling “888 Night Market

“As a Taiwanese in a foreign country, this movie reminds me of my home town more than I think. With all the joys and tears, this movie is just so TAIWAN! Not exaggerated, this movie brings the way we live, we feel, we care, and we earn for life. You might not be a Taiwanese somehow, but youu0026#39;ll just get to know more about this island,Taiwan. Not just the goods, the movie also showed the bads and darkness in Taiwanu0026#39;s society. However, movies always lead to a happy ending and thatu0026#39;s why we wish for too. If you love Taiwan, youu0026#39;re so gonna watch this movie. If you donu0026#39;t, youu0026#39;ll just change your opinion after this! Enjoy this comedy with laughter and tear!”


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