Merry Kissmas (TV Movie 2015)

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Merry Kissmas: Directed by Michael Feifer. With Karissa Lee Staples, Brant Daugherty, David O’Donnell, Brittany Underwood. A woman engaged to marry a self-centered film and stage director/choreographer falls for a caterer whom she kisses, as does he for her.

“So there are a lot of things I didnu0026#39;t like about this movie. Like the fiance guy, the annoying store lady and the girls wishy washiness. But what bugged me the most is that they filmed a scene in current time and a year later using the same day. The actors were dressed the same, wearing the same jewelry, hair and even same handbag. It took away from the movie for me. All in all a typical rom-com with very good looking actors which made it all the more enjoyable.”


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