Maria Bamford: Old Baby (TV Special 2017)

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Maria Bamford: Old Baby: Directed by Jessica Yu. With Maria Bamford, Rhea Butcher, Alex Blue Davis, Melinda Hill. Maria Bamford performs a rapid-fire, playful stand-up set for crowds at park benches, bowling alleys and LA theaters in this roving comedy special.

“This film works on many levels. Whatu0026#39;s odd is that one place it is weak in is the plot – it does somewhat tie it all up and make sense but my main point is it doesnt really matter – the director set out to make a scary ghost story and that it is! I see horror films from all over the world so I am pretty jaded when it comes to something u0026quot;scaringu0026quot; me but this film has many sequences that truly are frightening and disturbing. Some of the images have stayed with me for weeks. The lighting, the art direction and the use of muted colors (aside from reds used effectively)all make up for a creepy, eerie visual. I have to laugh at the arrogance of some of the comments on this and other u0026quot;horroru0026quot; films that claim since it didnt scare them the film is NOT SCARY. That is b.s. What scares one person may not scare another. You can say the piece didnu0026#39;t scare you but to make such a sweeping statement is vain. I personally didnu0026#39;t like any of the Friday of 13th movies, but obviously those films work on some level for millions of people. This film is so non-American in itu0026#39;s pace and core that that is what might turn off some viewers, but thatu0026#39;s what I loved about it. The director just sets up the camera and keeps it on a space and then has things slowly emerge from the sides – he has you start to look and scope and wonder if you are REALLY seeing something as opposed to the lazy, bloated SHOCK moment of most US horror films. There are moments when people are confronted by visions/images of ghosts that move and terrorize just like real dreams – slow movements, awkward movements as the ghost approaches you. Terrifying. The film definitely doesnu0026#39;t know how to wrap it all up but in many ways, I found this film even scarier than the original RING. Well made ghost story. Seek it out, fans.”


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