Die Abenteurerin (1941)

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Die Abenteurerin: Directed by René Clair. With Marlene Dietrich, Bruce Cabot, Roland Young, Mischa Auer. In old New Orleans, a beautiful adventuress juggles the attentions of a rich banker and a dashing sea captain.

“René Clair lost some of his charm when he went to Hollywood, but chances were good that he couldnu0026#39;t lose it all. I quite love his 1942 film I Married a Witch, starring Veronica Lake. I think I like this Marlene Dietrich vehicle even better. Oh, this is a charmer, all right. The plot is too complicated to describe here, but the story is very clever and very entertaining. The film is sweet, romantic and quite funny. The cast is exceptional. Bruce Cabot is surprisingly great as the leading man. You might remember him as the block of wood who won out over the monkey in King Kong. He must have gained some talent as he aged; heu0026#39;s much more handsome at this point, and has an effortless charm, reminiscent of Clark Gable. Roland Young plays his rival. One thing Iu0026#39;ll always love about Golden Age Hollywood is the bevy of character actors, something we have entirely lost in the present. Here we have Mischa Auer, Anne Revere, Andy Devine, Theresa Harris and Franklin Pangborn. I had thought for sure Morocco was the best reason to own Universalu0026#39;s Marlene Dietrich set, but, so far, this is the best.”


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