Rogue Saints (2011)

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Rogue Saints: Directed by Adam Lubanski. With John Wu, Jason Pead, Deanna Sarkar, Paul Eenhoorn. The greatest church diamond heist, romance, comedy, drama, adventure you’ve ever seen.

“The worse movie ever made. the sound was bad, the visual was bad, donu0026#39;t get me started on the acting. OMG actors in adult movies do a better job. It really felt like i was watching an adult movie without the sex. i advise anyone who values their time and money to NEVER see this film. I left 30 min into the movies to look for a spoon so i can cut my wrist. I can not believe this movie made it to our shores, the producers, what were they thinking. I actually took time to see the rating before i went to see it. rated 8.3/10 i have always trusted the ratings of this site, but i was hugely disappointed. I have a good feeling the only people that rated this movie are the ones involved in the production.”


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