Stacy's Mom (2010)

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Stacy’s Mom: Directed by Patrick Sayre. With Brittney Powell, Logan Manus, Jesse Stevenson, Rashad Monson. When four early teenagers fall in love with their friend’s mother, their homework isn’t the only thing that starts to get hard! Enter prepubescent sexual angst with Tommy, Mark, Roland, and Juan as they search for manhood and try to land a woman that’s not only out of their league, but in a whole other ball game.

“This film begins with a young teenager by the name of u0026quot;Tommyu0026quot; (Logan Madus) who has 3 good friends named u0026quot;Marku0026quot; (Jesse Stevenson), u0026quot;Rolandu0026quot; (Rashad Monson) and u0026quot;Juanu0026quot; (Mario Cassem). And while their friendship with one another is strong things begin to change when a new family arrives next door to Tommy and they see a teenage girl their age by the name of u0026quot;Stacyu0026quot; (Harley Fite) and a friendly competition to win her affections begin. However, that all changes and the competition becomes even more serious when all of them see u0026quot;Stacyu0026#39;s Momu0026quot; (Brittney Powell). Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that the idea behind this u0026quot;coming of ageu0026quot; movie was certainly interesting. However, what ruined this movie was the lewd script and the vulgarity demonstrated by most of the characters. It was all so unnecessary and totally inappropriate. To that end, although the presence of Brittney Powell was clearly an asset, I cannot think of any reason to recommend this film to anyone and I have rated it accordingly. Definitely below average.”


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