Terminus (2015)

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Terminus: Directed by Marc Furmie. With Jai Koutrae, Todd Lasance, Kendra Appleton, Katherine Hicks. Following a near-fatal accident, David Chamberlain makes an unprecedented discovery that will not only determine the fate of his family, but of mankind.

“Terminus is not a bad movie. It just suffers from an illness that is common for many other low budget productions – it doesnu0026#39;t engage the viewer. The movie is more drama than a sci-fi. Unfortunately, the drama element is severely clichéd and the sci-fi element is undeveloped and feels incredibly artificial. The script is atrocious which leaves an imprint on the otherwise OK acting. Character development is non-existent and leaves you wondering what drives some of the characters to do the things they do. The effects are decent but scarce and boring. A real sci-fi flick has to have some thrilling moments but this movie has none of that. Overall, I wouldnu0026#39;t recommend this movie, itu0026#39;s a waste of time 4/10.”


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