Pinku to gurê (2015)

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Pinku to gurê: Directed by Isao Yukisada. With Keita Arai, Jingi Irie, Kaho, Yukino Kishii. Popular actor Rengo Shiraki (Yuto Nakajima) dies suddenly. Due to his sudden death, unpopular actor Daiki Kawata (Masaki Suda) attracts the spotlight due to his close friendship with Rengo. Did Rengo Shiraki commit suicide or was he murdered?

“A movie about two childhood friends getting into showbusiness at the same time, one being more successful than the other, which puts a strain on their relationship. This is only half of the story though, there are lots of other things going on but itu0026#39;s hard to talk about it without spoiling something. I did like the performances. But ultimately I found the story (or the moral of the story) a little bit confusing because I didnu0026#39;t quite get what motivated some of the main protagonists to some of their rather drastic actions.”


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