Die Klassenfete (1983)

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Die Klassenfete: Directed by George Bowers. With Caren Kaye, Matt Lattanzi, Kevin McCarthy, Clark Brandon. A rich father hires a tutor for his son. The son is a horny teenager and the tutor is a gorgeous blonde. Complications ensue.

“I saw this movie when I was a kid and since the plot has been gone over numerous times I wonu0026#39;t even get into that. Suffice to say, what you see is what you get. This movie falls into the u0026quot;male hormoneu0026quot; genre of movies but it really wasnu0026#39;t so bad, the movie was tasteful compared to some of the garbage thatu0026#39;s out today and it actually had a somewhat interesting plot with decent chemistry among the leads so girls could actually find it watchable as well as males. The setting was quite pretty as well. Make no mistake though, this is geared directly toward the teenage boy. The movie doesnu0026#39;t even try to be original but I liked how both the leads charactersu0026#39; were actually-well-developed somewhat. The movieu0026#39;s main flaw is the totally awful title but for what it is itu0026#39;s all right and Iu0026#39;d actually rate it a 5 or 6, you could do worse with a movie of this type.”


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