The Entertainers (1991)

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The Entertainers: Directed by Paul Schneider. With Bob Newhart, Linda Gray, Richard Romanus, Sly Smith. Bob Newhart stars as comedian Todd Wilson, whose act includes a chimp. Linda Gray plays Laura, the love interest – for Todd, not the chimp.

“The chimp that shares billing with Newhart in this otherwise unbearable network timeslot filler is none other than BUBBLES. Thatu0026#39;s right…the late King of Popu0026#39;s enslaved simian BUBBLES!! This fact was heavily promoted at the time of the movieu0026#39;s airing, but seems to have gotten lost thru the fog of time. POOR Bubbles. I donu0026#39;t think heu0026#39;s known a happy day in his life. Like nearly ALL captive chimps, he lived a life in front of the cameras while young and cute, but as we all know, the day comes when u0026#39;young and cuteu0026#39; gives way to u0026#39;grown-up and dangerous,u0026#39; and Bubbles, unfortunately, was no exception. Animal Planet ran a memorable special in 2010 called u0026quot;Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story,u0026quot; in which a weepy Sister LaToya was allowed to visit him in his current digs – a chain-link cage the size of your bathroom. LaToya remembered him SO fondly, and was SURE he remembered her. He didnu0026#39;t. He was just southeast of catatonic, and his face said u0026quot;KILL ME.u0026quot; NOTHING GOOD EVER COMES OF CHIMPS IN CAPTIVITY…PLEASE donu0026#39;t support it. And should you find the chance to see u0026quot;The Entertainers,u0026quot; for as many minutes as youu0026#39;ve got before you can take no more, send a kind thought to Bubbles.”


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