Screwballs – Das affengeile Klassenzimmer (1983)

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Screwballs – Das affengeile Klassenzimmer: Directed by Rafal Zielinski. With Peter Keleghan, Kent Deuters, Linda Speciale, Alan Deveau. Frolicking youth comedy about zany high school students set in the 1960s.

“I was never fond of the vile phenomenon that was teen sex comedies. In fact, I never liked them at all. But for some strange reason, I found this rather funny. I actually cracked up when one of the students said this line about the principal, Mr Stuckoff…u0026quot; Stuckoff can f**k off.u0026quot; I honestly do not know why. As can be expected, thereu0026#39;s a lot of poor jokes that just donu0026#39;t work, like the secretary with the stutter and the student, Jerkovsky, who masturbates a lot. I never did finish watching this film, it was on TV at 3 in the morning and I was tired. If I find a copy on video, Iu0026#39;ll be pleased to watch it.”


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