Molière auf dem Fahrrad (2013)

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Molière auf dem Fahrrad: Directed by Philippe Le Guay. With Fabrice Luchini, Lambert Wilson, Maya Sansa, Camille Japy. Two actors. One play. Can the differences between the two egocentric men be put aside for the sake of friendship and theatre?

“A popular TV actor with presumed artistic aspirations, the character of Gauthier Valence, travels to an island off the west coast of France to solicit a former acting companion, the reclusive, ill-tempered character of Serge Tanneur, to join him in a stage production of Moliereu0026#39;s The Misanthrope. Tanneur is retired, and says he hates acting and actors, but eventually agrees to at least rehearse with Valence for four days. Based on a daily coin flip, they will alternate the roles of Alceste (the u0026quot;Misanthropeu0026quot; who detests the hypocrisies of social life and rebukes menu0026#39;s dishonesty toward each other) and Philinte (who argues for a necessary role in social life of courtesies and half-truths). One might simplify things by labeling Alceste as the idealist and Philinte as the realist. At the end of the brief rehearsals Tanneur will decide whether he will participate in the production, and if he does the two actors have agreed (are they companions? rivals?) to rotate the parts on a daily basis.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eTo me, the fascinating part of this film was how the two characters submerged / transformed their interaction and emerging rivalry into the two characters of Moliereu0026#39;s play and the echoed interaction of the playu0026#39;s characters onto their own relationship. As they rehearsed, it seemed like Moliereu0026#39;s lines were reflecting aspects of their own interrelationship, which to me was clever screen writing. We also see during these stimulating two-person readings, a subtle evolution of their acting relationship from one of apparent agreement and collaboration to one of ego tests and indirect humiliations. Does the play come off? I believe you can enjoy this film without being familiar with The Misanthrope. I hadnu0026#39;t seen it performed in 30 years, and yet I could appreciate the juxtaposition of Moliereu0026#39;s play and the interaction of these two actors.”


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