Outside In (2017)

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Outside In: Directed by Lynn Shelton. With Edie Falco, Jay Duplass, Louis Hobson, Alycia Delmore. An ex-con struggling to readjust to life in his small town forms an intense bond with his former high school teacher.

“The story is focused on Chris, a likeable guy in his late 30u0026#39;s who has just been released from prison after a 20 year stint. He was jailed for a crime he didnu0026#39;t commit and his early release is down to his former school teacher Carol who has spent practically the last 20 years supporting and working on his case to prove his innocence. Carol is much older than Chris and their time together has created a bond. Carol is married and has a daughter. Carolu0026#39;s marriage and home life is problematic, not helped by the amount of time she has spent fighting Chrisu0026#39;s case in addition to her regular teaching job. Thatu0026#39;s the background to the movie but the real joy is seeing how Chris integrates back into small town life in Granite Falls, Washington State. His relationships with those around him. The stigma associated with his imprisonment His innocence attracting the attention of potential lovers. Then thereu0026#39;s that bond between Chris and Carol and where that might lead. nThereu0026#39;s a lot of love and thought gone into the story. The 2 lead characters are superbly cast and absolutely carry the movie. I was very impressed with the camera work. Some really nicely composed shots and direction that helped to portray the atmosphere without being u0026#39;in your face differentu0026#39; nMy rating 8/10 nHighly recommended if you like a good drama”


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