A Nashville Christmas Carol (TV Movie 2020)

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A Nashville Christmas Carol: Directed by Dawn Wilkinson. With Wes Brown, Jessy Schram, Kix Brooks, Kimberly Williams-Paisley. A workaholic television producer receives a visit from her recently deceased mentor, who warns her that her current path leads to a dark future.

“I agree with another reviewer on here about the Nashville and Graceland Hallmark movies. They are not my favorites (though they are not bad either). I do not understand why the producers cast singer/songwriters if they canu0026#39;t act. Sara Evans (as Belinda) and RaeLynn (as Alexis) were unimpressive (they are not good actors…hmm…where was the direction, the director?); I would have preferred some better acting as opposed to a few minutes of their singing. Donu0026#39;t get me wrong, they sounded good, but the writers/producers could have worked them into the script to (just) sing and cast some actors in their roles to actually do some acting. I thought the story was fun and cute. It is, of course, unoriginal and predictable, but I do not come to Hallmark movies for those things (i.e., originality and unpredictability). I like watching Jessy Schram (as Vivian) on screen; she does a good job in such roles. I found her performance engaging. Wes Brown (as Gavin) also did a decent job, though he might want to tone down on the use of tanning lotion (kidding, of course). The chemistry between the two was pretty good, believable; they had some nice interactions together. The Ghosts of Christmas Past and Present were fun too. Overall, it was a cute and fun movie. Not at the top of my list this season, but an entertaining movie, nonetheless.”


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