Cherry 2000 (1987)

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Cherry 2000: Directed by Steve De Jarnatt. With David Andrews, Jennifer Balgobin, Marshall Bell, Harry Carey Jr.. In 2017, a successful businessman travels to the ends of the earth to find that the perfect woman is always under his nose. He hires a sexy renegade tracker to find an exact duplicate of his android wife.

“u0026quot;Cherry 2000u0026quot; was a huge commercial failure and itu0026#39;s hardly ever mentioned today, but I found it surprisingly entertaining. Sure, the script is unimaginative and the film has no real vision and the action scenes are strictly routine, but the two leads are enormously, effortlessly likable. They make a deeply sweet pair. Maybe the film should have concentrated more on their love story and less on the familiar action aspects of the story. And the violence of a couple of scenes seems rather out of place. But even with its weaknesses, this movie is, fitfully, absorbing and very entertaining.”


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