Japan Sweet Doll: Pure Idol Volume 3 (Video 2006)

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Japan Sweet Doll: Pure Idol Volume 3: With Aya Fujii.

“This is beautifully filmed, with authenticity and societal values inherent in both script and acting. The story weaves in and out of two layers of society — the masters and the servants — giving us glimpses into the power struggles occurring on each level, and the colourful characters who inhabit both. I particularly enjoy seeing the large-scale production involved in taking care of a household of this magnitude, and the care taken with all the details. Given todayu0026#39;s rapid pace, itu0026#39;s almost peaceful to watch this deliberately slowed pace, and to get a genuine sense of what it was like to be an estate-owner in this period. Housemaids who gossip, independent young men who donu0026#39;t appreciate the butleru0026#39;s code of honour, catty women and genteel sophisticates all combine to make this a very enjoyable romp among the rich of yesteryear!”


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