Evidence of Truth (TV Movie 2016)

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Evidence of Truth: Directed by Jesse James Miller. With Andrea Roth, Woody Jeffreys, Sebastian Spence, Meredith McGeachie. A forensic investigator begins to suspect her new husband is the serial killer the police department has been hunting. This puts her and her ex-boyfriend — a detective on the case — in danger.

“99 out of 100 times I can usually predict within the first 30 minutes of this type of made for TV murder mystery who the (serial) killer is, but admittingly I picked the wrong serial killer. It seemed quite obvious (at least to me it did) who was responsible for the string of murders taking place right under the police departments nose. Renee Murphy (Andrea Roth) is the Supervisor forensic investigator for a local police department who has developed a superior reputation in her crime solving laboratory to crack murder cases.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eWhen one of her fellow detectives is subsequently found murdered there are a number of suspects from within her own police department that may or may not be the key suspect that is responsible for the recent string of what appear to be linked murders. Renee recently married a computer software success story named Jack Murphy (Woody Jeffreys) who was (past tense) best friends with a fellow mountain climber named Kyle Ferguson (Sebastian Spence). Kyle is a lead detective at the same precinct that Renee is a forensic investigator for and the two used to date but it just was not a serious relationship for Renee, although Renee and Kyleu0026#39;s daughter liked each other very much. Kyle lost his wife not too long ago who was also murdered and her killer is still unknown. So Kyle buries himself in his work and supporting his teenage daughter even though it irritates him to see his former best friend Jack Murphy and his former girlfriend Renee now married.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThis made for TV thriller has a few twists and turns some of which are predictable and some twists and turns not so predictable. I will admit that the ending was better than most made for TV thrillers so I give the film a decent 6 out of 10 rating.”


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