The Remaining (2014)

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The Remaining: Directed by Casey La Scala. With Johnny Pacar, Shaun Sipos, Bryan Dechart, Alexa PenaVega. Friends gather at a wedding, but the celebration’s shattered by terrifying apocalyptic events, which force them to re-examine life, choices they’ve made…

“An u0026#39;iPhone is a central characteru0026#39;, u0026#39;found footageu0026#39;, u0026#39;shaky camu0026#39; attempt at the rapture. I personally derive nothing from the subject matter being a devout Athiest, so I treated it for what is was: a work of science fiction. I suggest however you attempt to view through the (luckily) few u0026#39;christian product placementu0026#39; moments and you might actually enjoy it without too much cringing. Unfortunately this movie is peppered with the clichés of its genre and offers nothing new. u0026#39;Noahu0026#39;, u0026#39;Left Behindu0026#39; and others; cinema is the new church and you are the unwitting participant in Bible study Hollywood style. Rant aside, The Remaining might appeal whether youu0026#39;re a believer with an express ticket to bliss, or overlooked with the rest of us poor saps.”


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