Assassin on the String (2019)

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Assassin on the String: Directed by Tankai Ou. With Tiet Wo Chu, Fu Miao, Hui Zhu, LI An Zhu. Wen Muge, an assassin, received a mission to despoil The Book of Boya from the Jiang family. (Boya is a famous musician in ancient Chinese history.) However, the Jiangs were killed at the inn they run, and The Book of Boya disappeared. Unexpectedly, Jiang Miaoxuan, the only survived daughter of the Jiangs and Wen Muge became the wanted criminals of the murder. Two of them had to begin the journal together to find The Book of Boya and the truth of the murder.

“The movie starts of brightly with some amazing fight scenes that would please fans of wuxia genre. But after that start, the pace slowed down a lot which was still understandable to provide the background story. However, the ending was totally disappointing as it felt like anti climax. I have no problem with the ultimate end, but at least there should be something worthwhile to see. Sadly after that build up, it made me regret for giving it a try in the first place. The cast did their job adequately, if only the writing had been better.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eFor my other reviews, pls see”


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