Mafia! – Eine Nudel macht noch keine Spaghetti! (1998)

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Mafia! – Eine Nudel macht noch keine Spaghetti!: Directed by Jim Abrahams. With Jay Mohr, Billy Burke, Christina Applegate, Pamela Gidley. Takeoff on the Godfather with the son of a mafia king taking over for his dying father

“It certainly took a long time to get to see the first spoof on the ever-so -serious mafia flicks! However, it was worth the wait – Jim Abrahams has certainly not lost his touch. Although there is an abundant number of really bad jokes in the picture, and many times youu0026#39;ve heard them before (in Airplane!, Naked Gun etc.), one cannot help but like it. For one thing, Mafia! looks fabulous (especially the Sicilian scenes). At times sparks really fly in terms of funny dialogue and character interaction – I especially enjoyed Christina Applegateu0026#39;s u0026#39;presidentialu0026#39; performance. Although Lloyd Bridges will be fondly remembered (and missed), I would have preferred to see Leslie Nielsen in Don Cortinou0026#39;s role.”


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