Brabham (2020)

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Brabham: Directed by Akos Armont. With Aimee Horne, Grayson Perry, Jackie Stewart, Bernie Ecclestone. The tale of a racing dynasty and the price of immortality, BRABHAM reveals the forgotten godfather of modern Formula 1 – Jack Brabham, and a son’s quest to defy the odds in the competitive world of international motor-sport once more.

“Some of the reviews here didnu0026#39;t like it, but I suspect itu0026#39;s from fans of the driver. The documentary is very stylized, compared to recent racing documentaries. It plays more like a documentary from the 60u0026#39;s which make sense because it concerns that era, among others. Unlike a couple other documentaries Iu0026#39;ve seen lately, this one delves not only into the life of the person in question, but the racing technology. The evolution of the cars from the 50u0026#39;s on was quite interesting, and the fact that back when, a team of limited means could actually compete which faded as standards improved on the tracks. Though the portrait of Brabham himself left questions, perhaps thatu0026#39;s in-kind with the manu0026#39;s personality as well? Hard to pin-down.”


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