Cats – Die Ratten von L.A. (1976)

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Cats – Die Ratten von L.A.: Directed by John A. Bushelman. With David Kyle, Kelly Yaegermann, Steve Bond, Rhodes Reason. A street-gang member kills the gang’s leader and blames it on a rival gang.

“First off I havenu0026#39;t read any of the source material or seen the pearlman films in years so my knowledge of the source material is limited. However I can comment that the script is just so bad, with very cliche lines and moments. The acting from a lot of the supporting cast is quite poor as well with a noticeably poor English accent from Daniel Dae Kim. The comedy missed more than it hit and felt like it was trying to hard. There was a ridiculous amount of exposition that just bored me that kept coming from characters (particularly Ian mcshane, was probably 80% of his script). There was a hell of a lot of violence, I expected that and it was quite fun to watch but perhaps a bit too excessive and unnecessary at times. I give it a 5 because it isnu0026#39;t all bad, David harbour as hellboy was absolutely brilliant and carried the rest of the cast as well as I there was some nice action set pieces and choreography throughout (I particularly liked a one-shot like scene at the end). The cgi was a mixed bag, with some scenes looking good but some scenes at the end particularly laughably bad. Overall this film is quite poor and I donu0026#39;t recommend you see it in cinemas and spend money, perhaps wait till your drunk at home with some friends and watch it on tv or Netflix or whatever. Thatu0026#39;ll be more of a appropriate viewing experience”


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