Sexgeflüster (2007)

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Sexgeflüster: Directed by Eric Amadio. With Marc Blucas, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Emmanuelle Chriqui, James DeBello. Vignettes about eight different couples at varying points in their relationships, each having conversations immediately after having sex.

“Itu0026#39;s one of those kinds of films where you want the better ones to go on much longer.. and those you donu0026#39;t like as much to be eliminated. But seriously, while itu0026#39;s overall not a terribly memorable flick.. there are two reasons to watch this movie today… early Mila Kunis and Taryn Manning. To see them few years back is a treat.. Kusis is something else.. but Manning is absolutely incredible as Alanna. For both of them, these are totally minor roles, but what they are able to do with them shows the reason why they have moved on to do special work. And there are a couple of other relatively unknown actors in this piece that do very good work. Casting did especially well in this production.. had they not been as proficient.. this would more than likely have been much less enjoyable.”


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