Escape to the Cove (2021)

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Escape to the Cove: Directed by Robert Enriquez. With Garrett Barghash, Robert Enriquez, Phillip Cook, Mike Markoff. In the near future, a pandemic has ravaged the earth. Fear, greed and destruction have made way for such terrors as famine, pirates, and zombies. CAIRO YAZID’s, only chance for survival is to join forces with a curmudgeon, SOLOMON, also still untouched by the fatal virus, as he is the only one who knows the secret location of the safe place known simply as THE COVE.

“First of all itu0026#39;s worth mentioning that itu0026#39;s a story based on real events, however the ending of the story is speculative, so the authors try to fit all possible versions of what happened to the group into a working narrative.nThe filmmakers did a twist with this show, the story is told in two parts happening simultaneously, so you have half of the episodes as a criminal investigation show and the other half as an adventure/thriller. Thenthriller part is presented in black and white simulating the style of the old soviet Cinema, while the investigation/crime part is coloured.nThe acting is decent, it reflects the era very well and there are a lot of unexpected plot twits on the way, overall not a bad show at all …”


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