Ngok toi (2010)

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Ngok toi: Directed by Dennis Law. With Chrissie Chau, Koni Lui, Suet Lam, Lok-yi Lai. A dead fetus lives on after death inside a woman’s body, existing as a Womb Ghost. Unnatural termination of such life will turn the baby into the evilest and most vicious kind of spirit.

“Pearl Harbour, I cannot describe how HORRIBLE this movie is!!!!!!!! It is long, boring, pointless, and stupid. I mean how can one even sit through this movie without going mad!!!!!?????? The entire movie was nothing but romance and a love story. The only action was for like the last 25 mins of the movie, and some how (i donu0026#39;t know how that is!!), is that the Americans won in the end? Doesnu0026#39;t anyone find that strange? Cause the way i learned it in school was that they got slaughtered during that battle and it wasnu0026#39;t till WAY later that the Americans and they allies won!? Well i donu0026#39;t know, maybe I have it wrong. But if you are into romance I suggest this movie to you and NO-ONE else!!!!!! Man, the u0026#39;78 version of The Lord of the Rings is twice as good as this movie!!!!!”


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