Walking the Halls (2012)

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Walking the Halls: Directed by Doug Campbell. With Jamie Luner, Caitlin Thompson, Al Sapienza, Marie Avgeropoulos. High-school senior Casey finds herself seduced into the fast lifestyle of a call-girl ring run by a campus police officer and must pull herself out before she loses all self-control.

“Just finished watching this Lifetime made for TV movie titled u0026quot;Walking the Hallsu0026quot; and itu0026#39;s interesting and sexy while being filled with drama and tense emotion while learning life lessons, which is typical of a Lifetime movie. It centers around a group of high school girls who are lured into a call girl ring they live the high life, yet the life of pleasure and erotic feel good earn money has itu0026#39;s downside like dealing with drugs, freak customers, an a mean pimp.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eSet in California a high school senior named Caitlin Thompson(Casey Benson)is out of touch sheu0026#39;s not in the click and wants to become more popular, well sheu0026#39;s recruited by a trio of girls Amber(Marie Avgeropoulos),Taylor(Lindsay Taylor), and Kylie(Arden Cho)to join them with a male friend whou0026#39;s the school security guard to go out to the clubs and social functions to meet men. Soon Casey learns that after making love to the men the guys pay just like a client and call girl relationship! It hurts at first, but Casey canu0026#39;t turn down good money, and mom Holly(Jamie Luner from u0026quot;Melrose Placeu0026quot;, u0026quot;Peytonu0026#39;s Placeu0026quot; and u0026quot;Savannahu0026quot;)is getting a divorce from unfaithful and dishonest dad Christopher(Al Sapienza). Yet as most dramas of high life play out they crash for all as the high life goes back to the honest normal way of living.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eStill this film is a good watch as it teaches life lessons of trust and honesty and it showcases a different world for young girls as the high life is about exposure and money and sex. Plenty of eye candy scenes of the young girls wearing sexy colored bras most memorable is seeing Taylor in a purple one and Casey in a light green blue colored one! Good original movie thatu0026#39;s entertaining and interesting catch it sometime on Lifetime.”


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