Happy Birthday (2016)

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Happy Birthday: Directed by Casey Tebo. With Vanessa Lengies, Tristin Mays, Matthew Willig, Erik Palladino. When two friends embark on a journey to Mexicali for a Birthday celebration, they soon realize their psychedelic shenanigans have taken a turn for the worse.

“Itu0026#39;s Brady Baxteru0026#39;s birthday and he finds his girlfriend had cheated on him. His crass friend Tommy Quinn takes him to Mexicali to party. They meet Katie and Lucia who warn them about the Mexican kidnapping cartel. They are guided by the Texican and his giant sidekick El Caballo to see the real Mexico and warned them about El Gato Enfermo. Aztec shaman Kasape Suka (Steven Tyler) leads them on a wild night. They run into the girls again and it goes all wrong.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eErik Palladino is a recognizable actor which makes him character less scary as a local Mexican. That pales in comparison to Steven Tyler. He makes the movie into camp. It canu0026#39;t regain its horror thriller sensibilities. I do like Britne Oldford who has a crazy vibe. The big bad is pretty nice. There is a nice twist but itu0026#39;s wasted as the movie turns into stupidity. This could never be serious and itu0026#39;s definitely not funny. Itu0026#39;s all wrong and Brady is pathetic.”


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