Pipsi: A Bottle Full of Hope (2018)

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Pipsi: A Bottle Full of Hope: Directed by Rohan Deshpande. With Maithili Patwardhan, Sahil Joshi, Ajay Jadhav, Atul Mahale. The adventures of eight-year-olds Chaani and Balu as they try to save a fish, believing its fate to be tied to Chaani’s ailing mother, set in drought-stricken Maharashtra. Will they succeed in their pursuit?

“PIPSI REVIEW -u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003enPIPSI…. How catchy did you find the title? Iu0026#39;m sure you will find the film even more catchy once you finish watching it. Been Watching so many films regularly for some quite passionate reasons, kept pointing out mistakes in almost every film and rarely found a film with No Mistakes. Finally, Pipsi arrives as that rare film which never gave me a chance to find out minuses.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eFrom commencing on a Cute note to ending on the Cute note, Pipsi is a Heart-touching tale which carries the Specific Cuteness throughout the narrative. Running on 2 Parallel Tracks, one is Fairy tale world of Kids and second one is Realistic World of Adults, Pipsi tries to work like a joining point of those 2 Parallel tracks with a Great Writing of Saurabh Bhave. You rarely see a Dull moment or a Minus in the 90 minutes Screenplay and Tight editing of Mayur Hardas. Child artists Sahil Jadhav and Maithili Patwardhan are joyful to watch on screen. Especially Sahil mouthing Funny dialogues with instantly quick Dialogue delivery will bring a Smile on your face. Shot on real locations, Cinematography of Pipsi involves you in every frame that you feel like watching a scene Live there. Again the film with a Perfecr Situational Music instead of useless chartbusters. Director Rohan Deshpande deserves applaud for crafting this story in right manners, especially in the last 20 minutes where almost every next scene builds up the Excitement. Felt overdramatic at couple of moments, but can be ignored as the rest show hardly include any Loo Break.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eOverall, Pipsi is a Heart-touching and a Joyful ride that takes you on a Journey of 2 different worlds together and the destination is indeed Heart-Pleasing. This one is A Winner in All The Aspects which end up catching a Classic Tag but misses it by little margin, still becomes a Must Watch.nRATING- 7/10*”


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