Wie der Vater, so der Sohn (1987)

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Wie der Vater, so der Sohn: Directed by Rod Daniel. With Dudley Moore, Kirk Cameron, Margaret Colin, Catherine Hicks. A mysterious potion switches the personalities of a buttoned up doctor and his laid back son.

“Someone must have thought that all this movie needed to succeed was Kirk Cameron to pull in the teenage girls and Dudley Moore to pull in their parents. Somehow they forgot that Kirk is incapable of pulling off anything in the way of depth in his acting and Dudley in a role like this would get carried away with its silliness. u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe premise was old, the dialogue poor, the situations strained, and the acting cartoonish. The result is a bad movie with a fading teen heartthrob and a fifty-something actor playing his Arthur character at the age of ten. If anyone finds this in a u0026#39;saleu0026#39; bin for used videos, try to bury it farther down where it can be avoided and forgotten.”


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