Frat Pack (2018)

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Frat Pack: Directed by Michael Philip. With Richard Alan Reid, Beverly D’Angelo, Brendan Michael Coughlin, Kevin P. Farley. A shy British graduate gets dragged on a wild road trip across America to a fraternity party by his soon-to-be stepbrothers, as his mother marries into a larger-than-life, American family.

“I donu0026#39;t understand all the negative reviews here. The film is enjoyable in a TV movie kind of way. Not a must see, but not a u0026quot;I will never get that 1.5 hours backu0026quot; film either. If you donu0026#39;t know what to watch, just watch this. Enjoyable. One more thing though… Why is Danny Trejo so prominent on the poster? His role is two minutes… if that?”


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