Von Augenblick zu Augenblick (1978)

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Von Augenblick zu Augenblick: Directed by Jane Wagner. With Lily Tomlin, John Travolta, Andra Akers, Bert Kramer. Trisha Rawlings, a Beverly Hills socialite suffers from loneliness following the separation of her womanizing husband Stu. Strip, a young drifter, became infatuated with her and, develops a May/December relationship with her.

“Stupid! Possibly the dumbest script for a full-budget movie in Hollywood history, and the u0026quot;chemistryu0026quot; between Tomlin and Travolta is utterly laughable. The direction is as clumsy as you are ever likely to see. Only a pretty lively soundtrack saves it from being my #1 worst movie of all-time. Feeling charitable, I give it 2/10.”


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