Geudae ireumeun jangmi (2019)

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Geudae ireumeun jangmi: Directed by Seok-Hyun Jo. With Ho-jeong Yu, Park Sung-woong, Woo-sik Choi, Yeon-Soo Ha. The movie revolves around Jang Mi and her daughter. Myeong Hwan, Jang Mi’s ex-boyfriend and an elite doctor. Jang Mi and Myeong Hwan broke up but he reunites with Jang Mi and her daughter and gives them help.

“Doa Hong Cua Toi is the Vietnamese title of the film, about Jang-mi – a single mother who tries to sacrifice herself to take care of her daughter. When she was a girl, she was passionate about singing and was also blessed with a voice that captivated many hearts, a famous record label at the time invited Jang-mi to collaborate.nHowever, everything has not come, the young girl at that time had to give up the way of singing just because she went out on a rainy night. Until later, when I happened to meet my ex-boyfriend, every corner of her life was revealed, since then life was no longer peaceful but much more complicated.”


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