Daniel Sloss: X (TV Special 2019)

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Daniel Sloss: X: Directed by Daniel Sloss. With Daniel Sloss. Daniel Sloss discusses a variety of topics, from his love of children, to being a man, in this tastefully dark comedy special.

“Wow, where do I start on this fiasco of a movie. In regards to my affection for the first two movies in the series, please see my rating for them. I gave them both high marks, and had anticipated the third movie with much joy and glee. My glee turned to flee not long into this horrible flick. The only thing that remotely saves it from being a total disaster is the graphics, and the hope that you will see it develop into a good movie. If you wasted 8 buck o roonies like myself to see this in theater, well donu0026#39;t feel bad, because some poor jokers sat out all night to see it on opening night. This one is even debatable on rental. Let it go to the special section, or as I call it u0026quot;The Last Stand.u0026quot;”


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