Paradox Alice (2012)

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Paradox Alice: Directed by Erika Dapkewicz. With Jeneta St. Clair, Stewart W. Calhoun, Ethan Sharrett, Andrew Hernon. There’s limited potable water on self-destructive Earth. A spaceship sent to a Jupiter moon is now returning fully loaded with water and a crew of 4. Surprises await them.

“Saw the movie last night and was not impressed with anything I saw. The makers of this film have either no idea of the origins of Snake-Eyes or they intentionally destroyed the character. Aside from the fact that Snake-Eyes was always a Gaijin (white guy) he was also honorable in all that he did. This version has him as a two-faced, lying, thief. The feeble redemption arc in the final act was too little – too late, and unbelievable. The casting choices also left me a bit confused. Golding was never a good choice for Snake-Eyes and as much as I love Samara Weaving, she was a horrible Scarlet. The actress who ineptly portrayed the Baroness was too young for the character and was not even close to being believable. Iko Uwais was great as usual but would have been a much better Storm Shadow or even Snake-Eyes! Andrew Koji did do a good job as Storm Shadow and his was the best performance in the whole film by far.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eThe story was subpar, even for a genre piece, and the script could have been written by a middle-schooler. The action was decently choreographed and wasnu0026#39;t too over the top. It seemed like it couldnu0026#39;t decide whether to be gritty or cartoonish in its approach to the action, which was a letdown. There are several continuity issues as well; a brawler raised on the street with no formal training can automatically hold his own against highly trained ninjas (can you say Rey Palpatine?) or a girl who had been a devoted part of the clan for over a decade breaking sacred rules to save someone she just met?u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eAll in all, this movie sucked!”


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