Thunder Pass (1954)

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Thunder Pass: Directed by Frank McDonald. With Dane Clark, Dorothy Patrick, Andy Devine, Raymond Burr. A cavalry unit escorts a group of civilians through dangerous territory inhabited by Indians on the warpath.

“Terrible Australian yobbo u0026#39;comedyu0026#39; with awful performances by a list of out of work actors who must have needed the money. Supposedly a gangster comedy it is a genre not managed until TWO HANDS or DIRTY DEEDS came along in the 90s. Set around urban wharehouses and with absolutely charmless lead characters – not so the actors – this genuine misfire hit the cinemas and dropped dead within 7 days. The extraordinary Jon Blake, so tragically physically destroyed in a near fatal accident has one of his few (magnetic) screen appearances in this ratty film. Terence Donovan is asked to perform the ugliest of nude scenes – one of which is repeated in the end credits and in freeze frame!! – as if the producer thought it was all such fun we would be roaring with laughter…not…..In fact the audience was screaming in disgust instead at the preview session I attended. The public stayed away and the film sank without a trace. The lesser roles are more interesting than the leads and so are the actors.. like Jon Blake as mentioned, and Toni Lamond who is always good, even if the show is a dud.”


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