Penny Points to Paradise (1951)

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Penny Points to Paradise: Directed by Anthony Young. With Harry Secombe, Alfred Marks, Peter Sellers, Vicky Page. Harry Flakers is a pools winner who is targeted by a forger.

“I have seen most of the films of Peter Sellers and recently went to YouTube to see if they had any of the missing ones. Several of his early films are there…and itu0026#39;s obvious they were intended to be seen by British audiences. So, itu0026#39;s not exactly fair to say my score of 3 is for everyone….more for how enjoyable the film would be to Americans. And, with the very thick accents (with no captions) and British vaudeville-style comedy, it was a chore to see this one. To put it bluntly, I disliked it. It didnu0026#39;t help that the film was mad in only three weeks and featured an upright piano score….the sort youu0026#39;d expect to see if you were watching a broad slapstick comedy from bygone days. Overall, a real chore to watch and little indication of the brilliance Sellers would show in later films…and in this one, heu0026#39;s just a supporting character.”


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