Watership Down – Unten am Fluß (1978)

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Watership Down – Unten am Fluß: Directed by Martin Rosen, John Hubley. With John Hurt, Richard Briers, Michael Graham Cox, John Bennett. Hoping to escape destruction by human developers and save their community, a colony of rabbits, led by Hazel and Fiver, seek out a safe place to set up a new warren.

“I would never spoil the wonder that is u0026quot;Watership Downu0026quot;. The book and the film are timeless classics. I think it is the greatest adaptation of a novel (any genre) ever made and one of the most under-rated movies of all-time. They managed to capture more of a long novel (nearly 500 fantastic pages) than most films can compile from a 200 page source work. The soundtrack is beautiful (Iu0026#39;ll be getting one for a Christmas present–thanx for the info IMDb!!) and matches the mood of the scenes perfectly.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eViewers will recognize someone they know in nearly every rabbit and, with unbiased observation, probably see themselves. It is at once gripping and gentle, heart-rending and endearing. You will find yourself humming the tunes incessantly for months afterward. I recommend reading the book first (also try u0026quot;Traveleru0026quot; by Adams, another classic), then purchasing the film, then the soundtrack–wait, better yet, write your Congressman and demand a DVD release. I long for another wide-screen viewing (hint, hint)!u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003enI have noticed multiple comments that state the movie is too violent for children (it is somewhat graphic–to itu0026#39;s credit). For very small children, I would whole-heartedly agree, however, I think it depends on the individual. I was lucky enough to have a Father who took me to see it at the theatre when I was a youngster (about 5) and it did not scar me or give me nightmares–rather I learned the importance of the symbiotic circle of existence and the reality and necessity of life and death. It is still a comfort to me in times of sadness. In addition, the movie is highly layered and something new can be gleaned with nearly every viewing.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003enI enjoyed it for years and only later realized many people had never even heard of it…I take every opportunity to recommend it and not once, not once, have I heard anything but thanks for the suggestion. Most of them end up owning the film. Both symbolic and blunt, u0026quot;Watership Downu0026quot; is a triumph of emotional proportions and is exemplary of what adaptations, animation, scoring and good film-making should be about. This wonderful adventure is an asset to any collection…10/10.”


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