Amapola (2014)

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Amapola: Directed by Eugenio Zanetti. With Camilla Belle, François Arnaud, Geraldine Chaplin, Leonor Benedetto. The beautiful actress Amapola is magically transported into a tragic future on the eve of war. Returning to the present day, she strives to change her family and country’s fate.

“This is a visual feast and a wonderful film. I drifted into the cinema accidentally while on holiday in Buenos Aires and was enchanted to be taken on an exquisite sensual and almost spiritual journey where the acting is precise and almost theatre like, allowing you to taste each word like a rich delicate patisserie. The decor, colour, texture and mood is so captivating that you are plunged into Amapolau0026#39;s world and it is a little difficult to re-adjust to drab normality after wards. This is what I have always wanted in great cinema making: a subtle story, visual enchantment, layered and intricate detail and a glimpse of another reality.”


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