Incir Reçeli 2 (2014)

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Incir Reçeli 2: Directed by Aytaç Agirlar. With Mert Akin Akcay, Mehmet Selim Akgul, Ronkay Arslan, Yusuf Bedirhan Arslan. After losing the woman he loves in the original Fig Jam, Metin (Halil Sezai Paracikoglu) finds himself seriously alone. His life is a repetitive round of singing at a bar and grieving for everything he has lost. Until, that is, Gizem appears out of nowhere… Gizem tells Metin that he needs to be someone, at least for at least for one person. Will these two people with so much pain and solitude in common be able to heal each other? Resounding with the songs of Halil Sezai Paracikoglu, Fig Jam 2 is both a contemporary love story and a tale of reconnecting with life…

“after i watched the first of u0026quot;incir receliu0026quot; (fig jam) i really liked it because it had a different plot but incir receli 2 has nothing to watch , Gizem (Safak Pekdemir) repeatedly asks u0026quot;do you have a storyu0026quot; to customers who come to her tattoo shop but maybe she should ask herself the same question about the movie. while watching it i had difficulty to keep my eyes open, it goes on day-night, day again and night again. Turkish film producers generally tend to make the second of the movies nevertheless so far i have never seen a better movie than the first one. If you look for a good drama this is not it, look for a way of wasting time i am not sure even it worths”


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