Trigger Points (2020)

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Trigger Points: Directed by James McDonagh. With Leigh Edgecombe, Nicholas Leftwich, Jenni McDonagh, Denise Meller. The world had changed. Streets day by day were filled with protest. The unemployed. The lost. Chaos. Then something happened. Something though it had no name had arrived. Fear. Fear over took rationale. The streets became empty. The liberal ideal had become something unrecognisable. The new age of reliance had begun. The reliance on power. The reliance on comfort. On certainty. Something had happened. But nobody knew what. Until now.

“Supremely boring and uneventful. Itu0026#39;s one of those where you keep watching in hopes something interesting will happen to justify the time youu0026#39;ve already invested in it, but it just doesnu0026#39;t materialize. I gave up on it half way through and was bored out of my skull. The person watching with me shared my sentiment.”


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