Die Legende vom einsamen Ranger (1981)

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Die Legende vom einsamen Ranger: Directed by William A. Fraker. With Klinton Spilsbury, Michael Horse, Christopher Lloyd, Matt Clark. The sole surviving Texas Ranger (Klinton Spilsbury) of an ambush arranged by outlaw leader Major Bartholomew “Butch” Cavendish (Christopher Lloyd) returns to fight back as a great masked western hero, The Lone Ranger.

“This film is unbelievably non stop edge of the seat horror thriller. You hardly get some time to relax, Its not great as Part 1 but a fast paced bloody action film which keeps you at the edge of the seat most of the time. Storywise could have been better in the 2nd act but overall it ends well. Definitely recommended. 7/10.”


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