Carter & June (2017)

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Carter u0026 June: Directed by Nicholas Kalikow. With Michael Raymond-James, Samaire Armstrong, Timothy Omundson, James Landry Hébert. Do the job. Get the money. Get the girl. Get the kid. Simple, right?

“After reading some pretty harsh reviews of Carter And June, I was inspired to add my differing opinion of this film. First off- it is rare to find a movie that has humor, explosions and u0026quot;bad guysu0026quot; you find entertaining. This movie is aimed at adults with a sense of humor. The humor IS there and hits the right notes. From the main character being more focused on what heu0026#39;s being beaten with than the actual beating to the so-called u0026quot;fancyu0026quot;, u0026quot;bedazzledu0026quot; strip club owner showing up the Commissioner at a shotgun range; it may not be riotous laughter, but there was out-loud laughing from the viewers.nSure, there is no clear-cut u0026quot;good guyu0026quot; in the film, but that isnu0026#39;t meant to be a narrative on the actual city of New Orleans. Just a fun romp in the plausible antics of a group of not always law-abiding citizens of a hyped-up NOLA. nThe characters of Spencer Rabbit (Tim Omundson) and Darla Mae Twitty (Lindsay Musil) were the highlights for me. Having been a fan of Omundson, I highly enjoyed his performance as a southern gay, flamboyant, gothic gangster strip-club owner. He has some fantastic mini-monologue rants and one-liner quips that steal a scene. He is not the usual clichéd representation of a gay character and, in my opinion, stands up for himself and other LGBTQ characters during his time onscreen. I highly recommend other movie writers to take note of how to write better gay roles from this one. (And his character is a very snazzy dresser to boot.) Lindsayu0026#39;s morally-bent religious character had me tearing up with the amusing high ground her character takes in the name of the Lord. Everyone needs to watch this movie just for these two performances- but stay for the whole thing as it is a fun ride.”


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