Genauso anders wie ich (2017)

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Genauso anders wie ich: Directed by Michael Carney. With Greg Kinnear, Renée Zellweger, Djimon Hounsou, Jon Voight. International art dealer Ron Hall must befriend a dangerous homeless man in order to save his struggling marriage to his wife, a woman whose dreams will lead all three of them on the journey of their lives.

“I am not a regular viewer of Christian films, and I was kind of surprised that this film is considered one. But I guess when the initial distributor dropped the picture at the last minute, a Christian company picked it up. But why, if a movie conveys decent human values, and there happen to be a couple of scenes in a church, is it pigeonholed? Itu0026#39;s message is not overtly Christian, yet it is so powerful it should speak to anyone, religious or not. I was truly shocked to read that the criticsu0026#39; reviews were not entirely favourable, that they thought it saccharine, and simplistic in terms of racial issues. Because of a dream, a couple of rich white folks befriend an old homeless black man, and it changes not only their three lives but those of many people in the community. I donu0026#39;t think thatu0026#39;s self-congratulatory; itu0026#39;s TRUE! I thought all the characters were well developed, given that there wasnu0026#39;t a ton of backstory, but just enough. They were portrayed fairly but all they faced demons in their own ways. I was so moved and touched by the story, especially by the truly stunning acting of Djimon Hounsou, and by the scenes of his childhood in Jim Crow Louisiana. Iu0026#39;d easily see this again just for Hounsouu0026#39;s acting alone. What would anyone want to change? I am baffled.”


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