Flowers in the Attic (TV Movie 2014)

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Flowers in the Attic: Directed by Deborah Chow. With Heather Graham, Ellen Burstyn, Kiernan Shipka, Mason Dye. After the sudden death of their father, four children face cruel treatment from their ruthless grandmother.

“I too would like to know when they moved the mountains to North Dakota. Did you really think people out there wouldnu0026#39;t notice???? You really need to check your knowledge or lack of geography in the USA!!!! I enjoy the story line, just like another Dallas, but we need stronger characters. I think the women are going to be the strong ones in this series. It is not very believable right now, but u0026quot;couldu0026quot; be. I like the young couple, trying to make a mark and become rich! Don Johnson isnu0026#39;t nearly as believable as an oil magnate as JR was in Dallas. I like his wife (from Revenge), she is good as the cold and calculating u0026quot;bitchu0026quot; The series has potential. I will watch for awhile before I decide if itu0026#39;s a keeper or NOT.”


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