Mentally Apart (2020)

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Mentally Apart: Directed by Joe Pomarico. With Christine James Walker, James J. Fulton IV, Larry Bernardo, Andreas Fortes. A beatific couple are buried in a dream relationship, but when their love slowly descends into nightmares, strange things begin to happen in their apartment.

“Iu0026#39;m assuimng the 10/10 are all from either friends or makers of this film. Its didnu0026#39;t hold my attention, it wasnu0026#39;t a pyscholigical mind melt, it was in fact pretty dull, I switched it off after an hour of painful waiting for something to grab my enquiring mind. Iu0026#39;d skip this one if youiu0026#39;ve read that this is a twisted mind warp, its not!”


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