Wasserloch Nr. 3 (1967)

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Wasserloch Nr. 3: Directed by William A. Graham. With James Coburn, Carroll O’Connor, Margaret Blye, Claude Akins. After a professional gambler kills a Confederate soldier, he finds a map pinpointing the location in the desert where stolen army gold bullion is buried and he plans to retrieve it but others are searching for it too.

“If you ever want to see a film that has hilarity throughout the entire film, then youu0026#39;ve got to see this one. u0026quot;Waterhole # 3u0026quot; is one of the best western comedies ever made as it has nearly all the classic clichés written into it. It is the Code of the West which makes this film flow from beginning to end. It says, do onto others, before they do it onto you. When the producers selected the actors for this film, they struck gold. Herein we have handsome, broad smiling and ever so crafty James Coburn as Lewton Cole. Heu0026#39;s a gambler who learns of a shipment of Gold hidden somewhere near a watering hole and all he has to do is outwit, the outlaws who have it, the Army who wants it back and the lawmen who get in his way. Carroll Ou0026#39;Connor plays Sheriff John H. Copperud, a law officer who believes when it comes to rape, u0026#39;a man picks his fruit from the nearest tree.u0026#39; Claude Akins is MSgt. Henry J. Foggers, who trades his career for a chance to be rich. Bruce Dern plays Deputy Samuel P. Tippen. James Whitmore plays 30 year Capt. Shipley and Roy Jenson is superb as dangerous Doc Quinlen. ****”


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