Wild West (1992)

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Wild West: Directed by David Attwood. With Naveen Andrews, Sarita Choudhury, Ronny Jhutti, Ravi Kapoor. A young Pakistani, living in England thinks that he is a cowboy and dreams of leading his country music band to success in Nashville. He meets a young woman who leaves her abusive husband and joins their group as a singer, but when they get a break with a record company, the company is only interested in her. Taking the proceeds of the sale of their family home, they finally set out to achieve their dream in Nashville. There are several comic sub-plots as well, the main one revolving around a biker gang out to get the family.

“Hmmm.. Pakistanis in London…want to become …country singers. Sounds interesting. About a million things are happening at once in this dizzying movie, so its hard to follow. It is funny betimes, but confusing the rest of the time. It just doesnu0026#39;t seem to gel. I donu0026#39;t recommend this movie if you want to be entertained, because there is a good chance you will not be. Especially because the music is country. Bad country. Rainy Day Movie.”


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