The Tree That Saved Christmas (TV Movie 2014)

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The Tree That Saved Christmas: Directed by David Winning. With Lacey Chabert, Corey Sevier, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Jim Thorburn. A woman returns to her Vermont hometown to try and save her family’s Christmas tree farm from foreclosure.

“Every tree has a story to tell? In this case, Molly Logan and her childhood boyfriend Lucas Bishop come across our subject tree while exploring her familyu0026#39;s Vermont Christmas tree farm. The tree is sick and Mollyu0026#39;s dad wants to chop it down. Molly bonds to the tree and brings it back to life through her music. After an abrupt and unexplained fast-forward to Mollyu0026#39;s adult life, the tree shows up at her posh New York office as a delivery for her boss. Molly immediately recognizes the tree as her long-lost friend and feels compelled to return it back to their home in Vermont so they can share Christmas together. What are the chances of this happening outside of a made-for-TV Christmas movie? u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eBack in Vermont, Molly discovers the family farm is in foreclosure and Lucas now works for the developer trying to turn it into a u0026quot;greenu0026quot; golf course. Horrified, Molly gets to work saving the family farm. While the Christmas tree watches all this happen from the homestead living room, Mollyu0026#39;s deep-pocket,recently-widowed boss Walter shows up because his kids want to spend Christmas with Molly. A hint of a rivalry for Mollyu0026#39;s love ensues between Logan and Walter. Who will win Mollyu0026#39;s heart? Will the family keep the farm? Does the tree end up saving Christmas? You can probably guess where this treeu0026#39;s story is going from here.u003cbr/u003eu003cbr/u003eUn- or underdeveloped characters, mediocre acting and numerous loose ends in the story line turns this treeu0026#39;s saga into something that becomes easily forgettable. Every tree may have a story, but not all of them will be interesting or even well told.”


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